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A Love Letter to Avocado: We have an obsession with avocado. Well, healthy obsession. Antioxidants, nutrients, healthy fats — the benefits are endless. The proof is in the hair of our mothers, and sisters, and in the daily compliments they receive for it. The truth is, we never had to give up sulfates, flavorings, or parabens, because avocados, cocoa, and rosemary are naturally free of all of that. So we saved all of our best secrets and good-for-you ingredients to share with you. Welcome to your new healthy obsession.

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Sulfate Free. Without parabens. Protect Color.

When it comes to hair care, the truth is that we never had to give up things like sulfates and parabens because all the ingredients we are obsessed with — like avocado and rosemary oil — are naturally free of all of that and also protect the skin. dyed hair.



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