Sulfate-free anti-dandruff shampoo: benefits for your hair

Dandruff affects millions of people in the world and can cause great physical but also psychological discomfort. Use a sulfate-free dandruff shampoo can help your hair recover from this condition and stay healthy every day. Keep reading! 

What is dandruff

Dandruff affects the scalp in which dead cells accumulate and white scales form that can be quite uncomfortable physically but also aesthetically.

Depending on whether you have a dry or oily scalp, dandruff develops differently. In the case of dry scalp, dandruff is shown through small white and very fine scales that are usually seen on clothes because they fall off easily.

When you have the oily scalp, dandruff flakes are larger and thicker.

There are more severe conditions of dandruff, such as what is known as seborrheic dermatitis, with symptoms such as inflammation of the scalp and the presence of a lot of fat. In all these circumstances, the use of a sulfate-free dandruff shampoo It can be very helpful.

What causes dandruff

before finding a sulfate-free dandruff shampoo To combat dandruff, it will be necessary to see where this condition arises and what its main causes are.

The main cause of dandruff is excessive flaking of the scalp.. When the skin cells found on the scalp are renewed, they are also naturally shed through these scales which are usually invisible in a normal condition. However, in some cases this process does not occur normally and these dead cells are accumulated on the scalp.

Some causes of dandruff:

  • Exposure to the sun for a long time.
  • Excessive hair washing.
  • Use of poor quality products or with ingredients that affect your scalp.
  • Exposure to chlorinated water.

    What is a sulfate-free shampoo?

    Un sulfate-free shampoo can help you not only fight dandruff but also take better care of your hair with a more natural and safe product.

    Sulfate-free shampoo is characterized by having no chemical compounds and no salts either, elements that are used to make the shampoo a more viscous substance that adheres more easily to the hair and scalp.

    Advantages of sulfate-free dandruff shampoo

    El sulfate-free dandruff shampoo combats and eliminates dandruff but also nourishes your hair naturally, promoting hydration and growth. 

    Some advantages of using this type of shampoo are:

    • Repairs damaged hair due to dandruff.
    • Returns the natural shine to the hair.
    • Reduces frizz and makes hair have more movement and softness.
    • Reduces scalp irritations caused by dandruff.
    • Promotes growth and prevents hair loss.

    Tips to control dandruff

    In addition to the use of good products for the hair care and a sulfate-free dandruff shampooPreferably, these are some practical tips to control and combat dandruff:

    • Don't wash your hair every day unless you have to. 
    • If you notice dandruff, avoid or reduce the use of conditioner.
    • Avoid that the temperature of the water is very high when washing your hair, as you can dry the scalp causing the appearance of dandruff.
    • Protect your head from the sun and avoid prolonged exposure.
    • Maintain a healthy diet by avoiding spicy or very sweet foods that can irritate and inflame your scalp.
    • Drink enough water.
    • Get plenty of rest.
    • Do not scratch your head sharply if you have itching because you can mistreat your scalp.

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