Shampoo and conditioner: a complete guide to what you need to know

Taking care of your hair is a priority. Keeping it shiny, making it look healthy, promoting its growth and preventing its fall are some of the things you look for when choosing a shampoo and a conditioner.

In this article we tell you more about what these products do for your hair, how you should choose them, what an effective hair care routine should look like, and what we have for your hair care at eva+avo.

It's not about whether it's more important shampoo or conditioner. Actually, both are essential to protect your hair, and each one has specific properties and characteristics to make your hair nourish and hydrate what it needs.

What does shampoo do for your hair?

Shampoo does to your hair what bath soap does to the skin on your body. It is a cleaning product, which is used to remove the accumulation of dirt or sebum in the hair, making it silkier and more manageable.

But what should you take into account when choosing a shampoo?

The first thing is to know your hair type. This will make you choose the product that will have the best effects on your hair, according to your goal.

For example, if you want to prevent hair loss, you should choose a shampoo that suits your hair type so that it has the expected effect. In this article we tell you more about hair loss and how to recognize the characteristics of your hair.

Always look for a shampoo:

  • With natural ingredients where possible.
  • That suits your hair type.
  • That you can use every day if you need it.

Our eva+avo Cleansing Shampoo It is a product that cleanses your hair and scalp, with the power of our ingredients such as avocado, wild rosemary oil and various vitamins. 

In addition, it has a fragrance that you will love with notes of white cocoa. A shampoo that in addition to cleaning, has a detoxifying effect on your hair. 

You can have this product in presentations of 8 oz. o Sustainable Pouch for a refill of 32 oz., which is equivalent to 4 pots of 8 oz.

Don't forget the conditioner

When it comes to taking care of your hair, you can't forget the conditioner, the perfect complement to your shampoo and whose main function is to soften your hair, give it shine, and repair broken or split ends.

When you use a conditioner you also avoid frizz, without taking movement away from your hair.

At eva+avo we have a perfect shampoo and conditioner duo for the care of your hair. 

In addition, the presentation is ideal so that you can carry these two products in your suitcase if you go on a trip, so you will have no excuse to stop following your hair care routine. 

Our purifying shampoo will inject your hair with the nutrients it needs to look shiny and healthy, while our conditioner will offer you the necessary hydration, because hair also needs this type of care, especially if you expose it to the sun or if you exercise and sweat a lot.

When choosing your conditioner, keep in mind that a good product should not:

  • Make hair look or feel greasy.
  • produce dandruff
  • Cause hair to break or fall out.

Can I use conditioner every day?

It is a question that is often asked a lot and stems from the fear of using conditioner daily and making it greasy or mistreating it.

The answer is that if you use a good quality and natural product, you will have no problem using it daily. Many people perform daily physical activity or are exposed to street pollution on a daily basis, so washing your hair every day, more than normal, is mandatory.

The recommendation is that you always look for products with a high natural component that provides your hair with many nutrients and no chemicals that can damage it.

Our eva+avo moisturizing conditioner has these characteristics. With this conditioner you take home a complete cocktail of vitamins and restorative oils.

We have designed it so that it can eliminate frizz, split ends and give hair the shine you have always wanted. Apply it from the middle of the length to the tips and put on your favorite song. Let it act and you will see the results.

shampoo and conditioner together

As a recommendation, choose products that you can use as a duo, that have the same components and natural derivatives. 

This will make it easier for the effects to be as expected and you will avoid overloading your hair with products that can stand out too much.

It's okay if you don't want to use conditioner every day. You can do it every third wash, to rest your hair.

Do not forget to pamper your hair with other accessories 

We know that you want to wear a mane that steals all eyes and for that it is important to complement the use of shampoo and conditioner with some extras that can be the magic touch that your hair needs.

We leave you some recommendations here:

Use a weekly mask for your hair. Make a massage and let the product act on your hair so that it is nourished and can better absorb the ingredients of the products you use on a daily basis. 

Here we tell you much more about hair masks and what do we have in eva+avo for you.

Apply rosemary oil to give shine and nourish your hair. In this other article we tell you everything about this ingredient that we consider essential for hair care.

In addition to using a proper shampoo and conditioner, here are some final tips to keep your hair healthy. 

  • Cut it regularly.
  • Avoid excessive use of dryer or iron.
  • Take care of it from sun exposure.
  • Apply a mask at least once a week.

Get to know our entire eva+avo collection for hair care. Products that we have created thinking of those who seek natural care, free of chemicals and with natural ingredients that have been present since our childhood.

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