Rosemary cream: uses and benefits

Rosemary is proven to have properties that are very good for health. In addition, it is one of the natural ingredients that we at eva+avo have adopted to create products formulated for hair care. The rosemary cream It is just one of the aesthetic products that take advantage of all the benefits of this plant. We tell you more!

What is a rosemary cream

Creams are a cosmetic product created mainly to fulfill a moisturizing function on the skin, whether on the face, body or hair. Today we talk about the rosemary cream and how it can be an excellent tool to keep your hair healthy. 

We have already told you about the hair benefits of avocado cream and in the market you can also find other creams, among them, the rosemary cream, ideal for the damaged hair treatment, and in general, for the well-being of your hair.

Benefits of rosemary for hair

There are many benefits of rosemary for hair. Some of them are:

  • Prevents hair loss and protect the weak or broken hair
  • Gives shine and movement back to hair.
  • It helps to eliminate accumulated fat in the hair, as it regulates the sebum produced by the hair.
  • Help to hair pigmentation, which largely delays the appearance of gray hair.

Rosemary has moisturizing properties and strengthens the hair so that it grows healthy and strong.

When to use rosemary cream

La rosemary cream or a hair treatment cream can be used every day, after shampoo and conditioner.

These creams generally do not need to be rinsed and offer your hair more movement, eliminate frizz, give it a delicious aroma and are the perfect finishing touch for your daily care routine.

Use one rosemary cream if:

  • Your hair looks dry and dull
  • Your hair is oily
  • You suffer from hair loss for no apparent reason
  • Your hair does not grow as it should
  • Your hair looks frizzy and difficult to style

rosemary and eva+avo

At eva+avo we firmly believe that nature offers us everything we need for our well-being. And if we talk about hair care, el romero It is, together with avocado, cocoa, and other herbs, our main ingredients for products formulated for all hair types.

When looking for a rosemary cream For your hair, opt for products free of sulfates and parabens, to further protect your hair and to ensure that you will have effective results, even if your hair is dyed.

The eva+avo line of hair care products includes products such as shampoos, conditioners, oils, and creams, including at romero as a basic ingredient.

eva+avo leave-in moisturizing cream with rosemary

If you want a rosemary cream for your hair, we suggest you try our eva+avo moisturizing leave-in conditioner, which includes within its ingredients rosemary extract.

This moisturizing conditioner acts like a styling cream, as it does not require rinsing. Its most concentrated ingredient is avocado with all its unique properties.

This leave-in moisturizing cream or conditioner de eva + avo It helps your hair have movement without frizz and is easy to comb. It also hydrates and nourishes it so that it stays healthy. Ideal for dry and curly hair alike.

to use this cream with rosemary and avocado you just have to wash your hair very well with our cleansing shampoo y moisturizing conditioner, then make sure to dry your hair very well with a size before applying the rosemary and avocado cream. Comb your hair to your liking and voila!

If you are ready to start caring for your hair with powerful and natural ingredients, get to know all our eva+avo products and enjoy them from today.