Care of hair dyed with eva+avo

El dyed hair care requires special attention. Hair can be more vulnerable after being exposed to dye, so care is very important to keep hair hydrated and healthy. We tell you how you can do it with eva+avo.

Why is caring for colored hair important?

Many people choose to dye their hair to get the trendy look, hide gray hair, or just to try out new trends. 

But dyed hair is exposed to special conditions to achieve the desired color, which in many cases requires the use of products that can damage the hair. Dyed hair is more sensitive and without the necessary care it can look dry, break and fall much more easily.

So if you are going to wear a new look, take into account the care of your colored hair so that you can maintain healthy, shiny, hydrated and frizz-free hair. In addition to making the colors you have chosen stand out and remain bright and vivid.

Characteristics of colored hair

Dyed hair has characteristics that make it especially careful. Some of them are:

  • It is much more sensitive to the sun, chlorine in swimming pools, sea water, pollution, and chemicals in shampoo and other hair products.
  • It breaks more easily.
  • It has dry conditions.
  • May lack shine and smoothness.
  • It tends to fall.

Tips for caring for colored hair

Take note of these tips for dyed hair care and you can show off colorful, shiny and healthy hair:

Look for natural options

When it comes to dyeing your hair, always look for the most natural alternatives available to you. The use of chemicals when dyeing hair can cause irreparable damage to the health of the hair, causing dryness, hair loss and irritation.

Use products specially formulated for colored hair

One of the serious mistakes when caring for colored hair is not using products specially formulated for this type of hair.

Look for products like color protection products like shampoo and conditioner. You will notice that the colors last longer and that your hair will shine, becoming more manageable.

Don't dye your hair so often

It is advisable to leave a prudent space before retouching the color of dyed hair or doing a new procedure to change tones and style. 

What is recommended for dyed hair care is to do it at least every two months, so that the scalp and hair do not wear out and mistreat in the process.

Beware of the heat

Dyed hair, being more vulnerable and delicate than natural hair, requires greater care and this includes reducing exposure to heat.

Reduce the use of irons and dryers to avoid burning your hair, causing it to break and fall easily, in addition to losing its color and shine.

Don't wash it every day

Another recommendation to include in the dyed hair care is not to wash it every day and when you do, do not use very hot water.

Try to use cold or lukewarm water to strengthen the scalp, maintain shine and protect color. 

Use fabric accessories that do not mistreat dyed hair

Avoid very tight hairstyles or using pigtails or accessories with materials that can break your hair and damage it. Also do not hold it when it is still wet and opt for elements of materials such as cotton to cover your hair and not break it.

It will always be more recommended for the dyed hair care wear it loose and natural.

Colored hair care products

There are two things that define us in eva + avo: We believe in the power of nature to support your well-being and we love creating Hair care products responsibly. 

We use natural ingredients, taking advantage of all its properties and benefits to create formulas free of sulfates and parabens that protect all types of hair, including colored hair, curly hair and damaged hair that needs special care.

We leave you some ideal eva+avo products for the dyed hair care.

Sulfate-free and paraben-free cleansing shampoo

Shampoo is the first product you should take into account when caring for your dyed hair. At eva+avo we have created a formula of sulfate and paraben free cleansing shampoo, which protects colored hair through the power of avocado and rosemary oil. 

Keep your hair colors vivid and bright, while growing strong and hydrated. You will notice the difference!

moisturizing conditioner 

El moisturizing conditioner is essential in the dyed hair care. Taking care of hydration levels is necessary for your hair to stay healthy, after being exposed to treatments and various dye processes.

Nourishing hair mask

Hen/Stag hair masks They are an ideal product for the treatment of colored hair, as they help nourish the hair to protect the color and ensure that the hair grows healthy and strong.

Apply one nourishing hair mask twice a week, so that your colored hair eliminates toxins and grows healthy. Masks promote growth, prevent hair loss and keep hair shiny. In addition, you will be able to comb it easily and give it more movement.

Moisturizing leave-in conditioners or styling creams

In some cases, colored hair can become coarse and difficult to comb. A styling cream or hydrating leave-in conditioner It helps you to untangle your hair easily and without mistreating it, giving it shape and volume. 

The advantage of leave-in conditioners is that they extend the moisturizing effect on the hair longer.

Hair oils: the secret for your colored hair

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. hair oils offer softness, shine and an extra touch of hydration. All you need for the dyed hair care. We recommend you use a hair oil With natural ingredients such as avocado and rosemary oil that strengthens your hair, nourishes the scalp and restores shine to the hair, while protecting the colors from the dye.


Find out more about our eva+avo 5-step kit perfect for him dyed hair care, and in general, for all types of hair, making it grow healthy, strong and so shiny that you won't believe it.