Livia Brito is a Cuban-Mexican actress and model. She is known for her roles in soap operas, such as "Triunfo del amor", "De que te Quiero, Te Quiero", "Minas de Pasión" and "La Piloto". She has also ventured into film and has participated in some film productions. Her talent as an actress and her charisma have made her a recognized figure in the world of entertainment in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. Being a symbol of Latin women in the world.

For Livia, joining the Eva + Avo brand goes beyond appreciating beauty, but is also a personal purpose to support Latin brands.

Let's hear about it from the voice of Livia Brito herself:


 Finally, the CEO and founder of Eva + Avo, Sonia Guzmán, comments “We feel that Livia is a great addition to our family because she connects with our purpose and recognizes the importance of having products inspired by our roots and designed for our Latin community.”

At Eva + Avo we believe that we all deserve products that reflect our inner and outer beauty and that demonstrate that power thatAs women and Latinas that we are, we have. Because together we are breaking barriers; We are leaders, creators and agents of change.