The best shampoos for hair

When it comes to caring for your hair, shampoo is a determining factor. How to choose the best, what to consider and what we have to do to help you. We tell you everything in this complete guide on the best shampoos for hair.

In a previous post we had talked about As the shampoo and conditioner do magic for your hair and are essential to your hair care routine. 

How to choose the best shampoo for your hair

The first thing you should be clear about is the type of hair you have and what is the product that best suits it. 

  • Dry hair: you need a product that nourishes and hydrates your hair, so that it looks brighter and silkier.
  • Greasy hair: Since oily hair needs to be washed more regularly, choose a product with natural ingredients that absorb oil from the scalp.
  • Curly hair: curly hair also requires extra care during the week such as masks and creams to keep your curls ready, giving your hair movement and avoiding dryness.

Why is shampoo important?

Many people still do not pay enough attention to choosing the right shampoo for their hair. With a good shampoo you achieve:

  • Promote the growth of your hair.
  • Make it look shiny and silky.
  • You avoid the fall.
  • Avoid conditions such as dandruff or dermatitis on the scalp.
  • Avoid excessive dryness, especially if you expose it to the sun or extreme sweating. 

The best shampoos for your hair

There are a wide variety of products for your hair on the market. The best shampoos in our opinion are those that are designed to benefit all hair types and with natural ingredients, that allow you to be able to use the product daily if that is what you want.

How to use your shampoo correctly

In addition to choosing a good product, you also have to use a technique that makes the product penetrate your scalp and you can take advantage of all the advantages of its ingredients.

The frequency of washing is also important. Keep in mind that drier and oilier hair will need more care and therefore more washes. Whether you have short or long hair will also influence the washing time. 

We always recommend applying the product and massaging the scalp very well for at least 5 minutes. It is also advisable that the rinse be done with water that is not too hot. If you can stand it, use cold water for much better results.

Of course, it is always advisable to complement the washing of your hair with other products such as conditioner y moisturizing creams. During the week you can use hair masks and oils to give your hair a touch of extra shine.

Cleansing Shampoo eva+avo

Our shampoo is designed to deeply cleanse your hair and scalp. Our ingredients avocado, vitamins and wild rosemary oil nourish your hair in a healthy way, making you have a product without pollutants or chemicals. 

Its spicy aroma with notes of white cocoa will enchant you. Without a doubt, a purifying mixture rich in vitamins that nourishes your hair with each wash.


Get it in 8 oz presentation. o Sustainable Pouch for Refill of 32 oz. (equivalent to 4 pots of 8 oz.)

  • How to use it:
  • Apply a little to your hair and gently massage for 5 minutes. Include the scalp, the top of your head, and the ends. Rinse with plenty of water, avoiding high temperatures. Complement with conditioner and finish your routine with a moisturizing styling cream.

    Complement your hair care routine with our eva+avo products

    At eva+avo we know that your hair needs more than a shampoo and that is why we have created a complete care line so that you have everything you need to show off incredible hair, every day, all year round.

    Our main ingredients, such as avocado and wild rosemary oil, guarantee results and give your hair the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, promote growth, prevent hair loss and other discomforts such as dryness, dandruff or damaged ends.

    eva+avo moisturizing conditioner

    A well deserved vacation for your hair. Deep conditions with super-hydrating avocado and rosemary oils.

    Packed with vitamins and restorative oils, our moisturizing conditioner is formulated to minimize frizz, eliminate split ends and restore shine to hair.

    Get it in 8 oz presentation. o Sustainable Pouch for Refill of 32 oz. (equivalent to 4 pots of 8 oz.)

    Always apply the product from the middle of the length to the ends. Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse. A perfect complement to your everyday shampoo. 

    Moisturizing Leave-In Cream eva+avo

    If you want to give an incredible finishing touch to your wash, we recommend you take home our moisturizer. The best thing is that you can use this product without rinsing. An avocado cocktail full of nutrients so that your hair looks like you've always wanted it to.

    avocado oils y romero keep hair soft, silky and under control. You can use it every day and you will notice how easy it will be to style your hair. 

    Remember that taking care of your hair is essential within your wellness routine. Know all our products and let yourself be pampered with eva+avo.