Best essential oils for your well-being

If you are wondering what are the best essential oils For your physical and mental well-being, we tell you how you can recognize them and choose the ones that offer you the greatest benefits depending on your needs. Keep reading!

What are essential oils

Before knowing how to choose the best essential oils Let's start by knowing what features this kind of product has, what they are for and what their benefits are.

The essential oils They are especially used to moisturize the skin. They aim to nourish the skin, making it recover its shine and softness. In addition, the best essential oils They also help relax your skin, offering you well-being and rest in general.

Some of the benefits of best essential oils are:

  • Moisturize your skin and hair
  • They offer you refreshing and relaxing aromas
  • They restore the shine to your hair
  • Leave your skin softer and smoother

To recognize essential oils and find the best essential oils that they offer you true healthy properties, it is important to recognize the purity of this class of product.

The essential oils They are pure extracts of vegetable origin that are extracted directly from the fruit, root, flower, leaves or resin of plants and trees. They are very concentrated oils and with a small amount they can offer great benefits.

Uses essential oils

When we look for best essential oils we need to know more about its different uses. Some of them are:

    • Use as an analgesic, as they calm muscle pain among other discomforts.
    • soothing use helping to relieve stress and promote concentration, memory and better sleep.
  • anti-inflammatory use reducing inflammation.
  • stimulating use They support digestion.
  • regenerative use helping the care and appearance of the skin and supporting healing processes.
  • toning use They activate the circulation and improve the elasticity of the skin.
  • moisturizing use helping to hydrate hair and skin.
  • Types of essential oils

    When you look for the best essential oilsYou have a wide variety of options. There are different types of essential oils, which are given a different use according to need.

    Best essential oils for hair

    The best essential oils for the hair have a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the hair.

    They mainly seek to hydrate the hair and are ideal to help make the hair easier to comb, prevent frizz and in the case of curly hair, allow curls to be shaped. In addition, they help restore hair shine and promote healthy growth.

    Some of the best essential oils for hair are:

    • avocado essential oil to help hair growth and hydration.
    • Rosemary essential oil to prevent hair loss and eliminate frizz.
    • Lavender essential oil It also promotes hair growth.
    • Chamomile essential oil to lighten the hair and offer more shine.
    • Cedar essential oil to give more volume and movement to the hair.
    • citronella essential oil to treat broken hair and irritated scalp.
    • essential oil with mint to nourish hair, promoting healthy growth.
    • argan essential oil to add shine to your hair.

    The hair oils They are recommended products to include in your hair care routine, as they provide hydration, nutrients and more shine, as well as being ideal for treating dry or damaged hair.

    Best essential oils for body care

    Many people also use essential oils for facial and body skin care. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties help the skin to recover elasticity, luminosity and to stay moisturized.

    Some of the best essential oils for skin care are:

    • coconut essential oil ideal for moisturizing and relaxing the skin, in addition to multiple benefits for health in general.
    • almond essential oil to hydrate the skin and restore its elasticity. It is usually used to treat stretch marks and cellulite.
    • jojoba essential oil to firm and tone the skin.

    Best essential oils for scented candles

    All the scented candles They are also an excellent alternative to bring well-being to your home and offer you relaxation, and you can find some of them with the best essential oils to create environments full of relaxation and well-being.

    Search essential oils that fit your interests and the type of environment you want to create for your spaces. Our eva+avo scented candle It offers you an aroma of wild cocoa plus different mystical herbs with a unique essence and aroma that last for several hours.

    Avocado and rosemary essential oils 

    In eva+avo we take the properties of some of the best essential oils to include them as main ingredients of all our products. This is the case with avocado and rosemary oils, along with other powerful ingredients like cocoa, vitamins, and other herbs.

    Our eva+avo products are sulfate-free and paraben-free, and for hair care they protect the color.

    eva+avo shiny avocado oil

    Certainly one of the best essential oils It's avocado oil. Multiples are shown benefits of avocado for health and to produce a wide variety of products for the well-being and care of both hair and skin.

    Our eva+avo sparkling avocado oil It helps your hair look shinier and you can eliminate annoying frizz so hair is easier to style and has much more movement. 

    With this avocado oil you can give the perfect finishing touch to your hair care routine.

    As one of the best essential oils, our eva+avo avocado oil:

    • Moisturizes the hair.
    • Offers shine and movement.
    • Eliminates frizz.
    • Helps to give more movement and volume to your hair.
    • Promotes healthy ends and helps growth.

    Thus, best essential oils They are the ones that can offer you well-being and help you take care of your hair and body in a healthy and natural way.