8 Tips to Repair Split Ends

Dying your hair and using straighteners or dryers undoubtedly makes it look beautiful. However, these procedures have an adverse effect and that is that they leave the hair with split or split ends. Many times this occurs due to genetic factors, beyond the treatment you give to your hair, but this does not mean that you can't do anything to treat it. Here we share 8 super simple tricks to recover your hair and give it a healthy and spectacular appearance.

  1. Cut it every 2 or 3 months

Tips to combat split hair

Don't be scared, this doesn't mean you have to cut it 5 inches or anything like that. All you have to do is go to your hairdresser and ask them to cut your damaged ends. If the problem goes beyond the ends, it is better to ask to have more haircuts than necessary before having to return to the hairdresser shortly after because the problem has not been solved.

  1. Avoid the iron and curling iron

5 tips to repair hair

Although this seems impossible since you love to see it with curlers or completely straight, it is advisable to give your hair a break at least a couple of days a week and leave your hair natural. The heat that these tools cause in your hair makes it lose its elasticity completely and makes your ends break more easily. An alternative to heal it is the Moisturizing Leave-in Cream . After combing your hair, apply this cream that will help give shine and prevent split ends with its avocado oil, rosemary and vitamins.

  1. loose hair

5 incredible tips to repair damaged hair

If you are one of those who tie your hair when it is wet, keep in mind that this is one of the worst mistakes you can make for split ends. Let it dry naturally and then secure it with a rubber band that doesn't have metal in it, as metal makes it tangle and break more easily.

  1. Be careful with the towel

8 incredible tips to combat split hair

Never squeeze or shake your hair with the towel, this causes it to break instantly and the ends are more susceptible to splitting. Some towels have polyester and other materials that are not good for your hair. An alternative is to use a thick cotton towel that is softer or let your hair air dry.

  1. Vitamins

8 incredible tips to repair hair

It is always good to complement any hair, skin or diet treatment with a supplement. If you suffer from brittle hair you can take Biotin , Folic Acid and even Vitamin C , which helps your hair become stronger, healthier and grow faster. Remember to consult with your nutritionist if you are going to choose to take more than two vitamins at the same time.

  1. less color

8 tips to combat split hair

Dying your hair is one of the main enemies of your ends. During dyeing, your hair has to withstand chemicals, heat and abuse that can cause irreparable damage. Avoid dyeing it more than twice a month or look for shampoos that protect the dye without sodium sulfate since this element produces high levels of dryness.

  1. Say yes to masks

8 incredible tips to eliminate split ends

There are many myths about this type of treatment, as some believe that it does not work or that it will leave you greasy. However, dryness is one of the main culprits of split ends, so keeping it well moisturized is absolutely key. Try to use the Nourishing Mask  2 to 3 times a week to condition and soften your hair as it will protect you from the sun, dyes and excessive heat from the dryer, straightener or curling irons.

  1. That _ _ brush do you use?

8 incredible tips to repair your broken hair

It is very important to choose a good brush since some brushes hurt your hair and cause split ends. The recommended thing is a brush that has wide teeth like wooden ones, which are ideal since plastic ones can easily stretch and hurt your hair. It is also important to choose the perfect time to brush your hair. Ideally, you should do it once you have applied conditioner since wet hair is very vulnerable and can be damaged very easily.