Body wash: essential products

body wash is a well-being ritual that is worth knowing and enjoying. Why body wash necessary , what personal hygiene is and what are the most recommended products to protect and hydrate your skin. Keep reading!

Why body wash

Daily personal hygiene is essential to maintain the health of the skin and nourish it enough so that it can resist and reject bacteria and other infections.

body wash shouldnt be done daily, but be careful with what is known as “excessive hygiene”, which is explained by the excessive use of products and bath gels that can dry out your skin and scalp, in the case of cleaning your hair, preventing the development of good bacteria that can protect us from infections.

Main benefits of body washing

  • We keep the skin hydrated.
  • We protect the skin against infections and other diseases.
  • The skin remains and recovers from the external factors to which it is exposed daily.
  • We prevent the signs of aging so that the skin looks elastic and hydrated

    Tips for body wash

    W excessive body wash may not be beneficial for the natural bacterial flora of our skin, personal hygiene is essential to keep our skin hydrated, elastic and healthy looking.


    If you exercise regularly or work outside the home, washing your body It is essential to give your skin a rest and remove dead cells and impurities.

    We give you some tips to make body wash a healthy but also relaxing and revitalizing experience.

  • Don't wash your body for too long

  • We all like a hot, relaxing shower after a long day of work. Although it is a time of day that we can enjoy to the fullest, washing the body for more than 20 minutes can be counterproductive, if you take into account that excess water can irritate and dry your skin.

    The reason is that the oil from the sebaceous glands has the function of moisturizing the skin and washing for too long takes away this property.

    That's it wash your body , opt for short showers and avoid high temperatures.

  • Choose the right products for body wash

  • body wash requires products that are good for your skin, with natural ingredients and formulated for your skin type or suitable for all skin types without putting it at risk of allergies or other effects.

    Choosing the best body wash is essential for the body wash to be effective and beneficial for the skin.

    Keep in mind:

    • Choose shower gels specially formulated for washing the body.
    • Opt for products free of sulfate and parabens and with natural ingredients that offer greater benefits for your skin.
    • Do not use the body wash on intimate areas.
    • Try products with an exfoliating effect that nourishes your skin and cleanses it deeply.
  • Don't wash your face with your body wash

  • The skin on the face and the skin on the body are different. Do not use the body wash body wash on your face. For this, use products specially formulated to cleanse and nourish your face.

    Also do not use the body wash in intimate areas, as it can cause irritation and other skin conditions.

  • Be careful with sponges

  • Opt for the body wash using your hands to apply the body wash and gently massage your body while the active ingredients take effect.

    If you use sponges or other products, try to keep them in a very good state of hygiene to prevent bacteria, fungi and mold that could harm your skin. Change these types of products at least once a month.

  • Washing your body is not the same as washing your hair.

  • body wash requires a specific product such as body wash, while when washing your hair you need to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type and with properties to nourish your hair with each wash.

    Body wash with eva+avo

    At eva+avo we have created products formulated for all types of skin and hair . The best? Free of parabens and sulfates, as well as animal cruelty.

    Safe and sustainable products that harness the properties of powerful ingredients like avocado and rosemary oil so your skin feels nourished and hydrated with every use.

    Eva+avo body soap or bath gel for body wash

    Our eva+avo body soap offers you everything you need to make body wash a revitalizing and nourishing experience.

    Avocado, rosemary oil, cocoa, vitamins and other ingredients that offer your body's skin all the properties of nature. Remember that it is a product free of sulfates and parabens.

    eva+avo body lotion

    The body lotion is ideal to complement the body wash . It is a product that acts on your skin with a moisturizing effect. Perfect for after the shower.

    Eva+avo body lotion, Also free of sulfates and parabens, gives an extra touch of moisture to your skin and is formulated for all skin types and can be used daily.

    Aromatic candles to set the mood for washing the body

    Yes, at eva+avo we believe that body wash should be a relaxing and intimate experience. That's why we have created scented candles that you can include in your personal care routine.

    Our aromatic candle with the aroma of wild cocoa + mystical herbs offers you a delicious and long-lasting fragrance, ideal for you to enjoy a relaxing and healthy bath.

    As you can see, body wash It is essential for personal hygiene and the health of our body skin. Learn more about our eva+avo products and start enjoying a more natural and sustainable experience, with ingredients that will give your skin a healthy and soft appearance.