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Body Lotion + Body Wash Duo

body lotion

Our Body Lotion will give your skin the hydration it needs, while you feel the fragrance based on avocado, wild cocoa and rosemary oil. A natural product for soft, nourished and irresistibly scented skin. 

To Use: Massage the desired amount into the skin until it is completely absorbed, while you think about your plans for the day. For best results, use after bathing with eva + avo body wash.

Body Wash

A soft and natural body wash ideal to nourish your skin and give it a perfectly hydrated appearance. Enjoy the aromas of Latin ingredients such as avocado and rosemary oil shower that becomes an experience of self-love.

To use: Use a small amount on a sponge in the shower. Lather up and rinse well. While you enjoy the fragrance!


Customer Reviews

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Pagan Mejías Adanelly
Smell that intoxicates and you want to keep smelling

I loved both products but the body cream is like an addiction. It is a smell that is there and that you want to keep smelling. We loved it!

Body Lotion+Body Wash Duo?

I only like that the packaging is very small and that I am looking for a bath soap that does not harm my skin but has lauryl in the ingredients. That ingredient is not to my liking but the product smells delicious I love it I give it a 10/10

Luz Fernandez

Body Lotion + Body Wash Duo

hilda garcia
obsessed with products

I loved the eva+evo products, they left my hair super soft, it helped with dryness, the moisturizer and oil loved them! I'm also using the body wash and lotion and I love them, they smell delicious, I'm obsessed with how the products smell, I highly recommend them.🙂👍💕

ruth garcia

I love them medeja THE subesita skin its aroma is delicious I recommend them 100%

Our Ingredients

Sulfate Free. Without parabens. Protect Color.

When it comes to hair care, the truth is that we never had to give up things like sulfates and parabens because all the ingredients we are obsessed with — like avocado and rosemary oil — are naturally free of all of that and also protect the skin. dyed hair.


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