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Avo Collection


This Kit brings a total of 6 products that includes all the Steps for Beautiful Hair Worthy of a Novel, Without Any Drama. In addition, receive as a gift with your purchase totally FREE a Quick Dry Towel Fwd Hair.


-Cleansing Shampoo 8 oz .:

It feels like driving with the top down. Cleanses hair and scalp with avocado, vitamins, and wild rosemary oil to keep it nourished and healthy by removing pollutants and chemicals. It smells sensual and spicy with notes of white cocoa. A purifying, vitamin-rich blend that detoxifies while nourishing hair.

-Hydrating Conditioner 8 oz .:

A well deserved vacation for your hair. Deep conditions with super-hydrating avocado and rosemary oils.

-Moisturizing Leave-in Cream 6 oz .:

A nutrient-packed avocado cocktail for thirsty hair. Because healthy and beautiful hair deserves a toast. Or two. 

Avocado and rosemary oils keep hair soft, silky and under control. (Mom will be proud.) Even better, this daily treatment heals dry and frizzy hair over time. 

-Nutritive Hair Mask 8 oz .: 

We all need our cup of coffee to bring you back to life in the morning. This is it. But for the hair.

Nourishing oils and vitamin-rich ingredients repair damaged hair in just minutes, leaving hair silky smooth after just one treatment. 

 -Avocado Shine Oil 2 oz .:

¿What is avocado oil for?? You may have already heard about the benefits of avocado oil for face, But what is avocado oil for in hair. Like the last lipstick touch-up before going out. This final step of oil penetrates deep to add shine and eliminate frizz.

Soft, smooth hair through our number-one obsession, the avocado oil. This blend restores hair from the inside out, while protecting it from external factors like pollutants.

 -Travel Kit:

Bring a Cleansing Shampoo + Revitalizing Conditioner of 2oz each. the tamañor perfect for travel. 

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Mirza Enid Soto Alejandro

The product arrived today. Thank you

Madeline Soto-Mercado

Avo Collection - Mother's Day Edition

Our Ingredients

Sulfate Free. Without parabens. Protect Color.

When it comes to hair care, the truth is that we never had to give up things like sulfates and parabens because all the ingredients we are obsessed with — like avocado and rosemary oil — are naturally free of all of that and also protect the skin. dyed hair.


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