🥑7 Wonders that Avocado Oil Does for Beauty🥑💚


You may be wondering about how to make avocado oil . This oil comes from a plant of the same name from the Southern United States and some parts of Mexico.

Its color is like gold, bright, pure and unique. Although it is not as well-known as an oil such as coconut or even olive, it is a great alternative for many home remedies. The best thing is that it is easy to get and at a very affordable price.

Now, what is avocado oil used for ?

Surely you have heard about the wonders of avocado oil and the benefits for cooking , but today we leave you 7 wonders that you should know to look incredible with avocado oil and its benefits .

1. Clean face

Have you run out of your makeup remover? avocado oil It is a natural and extremely effective makeup remover.

Wash your face and then apply a little product on a cotton pad and rub as usual, it will remove even waterproof makeup and long-lasting lipsticks.

If your skin is very sensitive, don't worry, it is suitable for all skin types as it is odorless and does not cause allergies. Avocado oil is also indicated for wrinkles and to reduce the signs of aging such as expression lines.

2.Zero imperfections

What is avocado oil used for on the face ? In addition to using it as a makeup remover, you can use it as an anti-acne cream, it will help you prevent pimples and blackheads, as well as blackheads, reduce the size of your pores and control sebum secretion.

Place the product after your beauty routine or after applying your mask and it is advisable to apply it at night. In the short term you will see the difference and you will not want to stop using it.

3. Flawless hair

If you suffer from frizz, hair loss or have bleached your hair many times, it is urgent that you resort to this wonderful oil as it will help it renew and nourish itself again.

Avocado oil for hair will work magic, while you complement your hair care with avocado-based products such as the Moisturizing Conditioner , which will leave it soft, manageable, leave an deliverable smell and will restore it even if you change the color of your hair again. mane.

It is proven that avocado oil for hair It is effective and healthy for hair to grow healthy and soft.

4. Shiny legs

If you are going to wear a short dress or shorts with this oil, your legs will look radiant. After bathing, apply a little product on your hands and rub it for a few seconds to warm it up, then spread it like a body cream and you will immediately notice that your skin absorbs its properties, leaving it with a touch of light but very natural shine, even when moment you will feel the softness. In the cold season, do not hesitate to use it to avoid dryness and protect it from the weather.

5. Sexy lips

Create a lip gloss with this excellent oil, this is a complement to your colored lipstick. In a small glass vase, put a tablespoon of coconut oil and half a tablespoon of jojoba and avocado oil, stir well and apply with a small brush after having applied your lipstick. If its consistency is hard, heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds and that's it. Your lips are moisturized for any moment.

6. Free of irritations

If you wax or shave, take note of this. Applying a little before this process will help your skin not to irritate so easily and will make it an easier area to work on. Likewise, after doing so, it is advisable to spread it on where you have shaved since even if it is slightly irritated, it will calm your skin, soften it and return it to its proper temperature and eliminate the red color quickly.

7. No stretch marks

Coconut oil is famous for preventing and reducing stretch marks, but so is avocado oil. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, apply a little on the most common areas that appear such as the thighs, buttocks, chest, arms and legs. Do it every day to avoid them. With the help of a wooden brush with natural bristles, massage your entire body towards your heart, then apply the oil and that's it, now you have promoted blood circulation and added natural nutrients.

No matter what the climate is, the benefits of avocado oil it will help you a lot, since it is a natural moisturizer and it will benefit you practically anywhere you place it, be it skin, face, hair, skin and you can even use it as aromatherapy or to give massages.

Do you still have questions about what avocado oil is good for ? We assure you that you will love it and will not stop using it. Start enjoying the properties of avocado oil today.