How to repair split ends

Repairing split ends is essential to ensure the health of your hair, stimulate growth, and avoid hair loss and other conditions such as breakage, dryness, and dull hair. We tell you how to repair split ends.

What are split ends

Split ends are the consequence of damaged hair that has not been treated correctly. This is hair with a damaged cuticle, causing the hair strands to separate into several thin and very weak strands.

Repairing split ends is a priority, since in advanced cases it can cause headaches and cause hair to fall out uncontrollably, among other chronic conditions.

Split ends have the scientific name of trichoptylosis. With the right hair care products and consistency, you can repair split ends so your hair grows healthy and strong.

What are the causes of split ends

There are many causes of this condition and to repair split ends it is necessary to know what may be wrong in your hair care. Some causes of split ends are:

  • Excessive use of appliances such as dryers or irons
  • Do not use conditioner
  • Dyeing procedures
  • Little hydration
  • A lot of exposure to the sun and other external agents such as cold and pollution without care

Products to repair split ends

Repairing split ends requires the use of products that include natural ingredients that have properties to treat this type of condition and other characteristics of damaged hair.

At eva+avo we have created safe and healthy products, free of sulfates and parabens, which also take advantage of all the properties of natural ingredients such as avocado , rosemary oil and cocoa, among other nutrients.

The key is to look for products that hydrate and nourish the hair. Shampoos, conditioners, natural oils and nourishing masks are essential when starting a treatment to repair split ends .

Food to repair split ends

Food is very important when taking care of your hair. A diet with the necessary nutrients guarantees you have healthy hair that grows healthy and strong, avoiding hair loss and split ends.

Of course, there are foods that offer greater nutrients and have greater effects on hair.

Some foods that support the treatment repair split ends It has:

  • Citrus fruits that have antioxidant and moisturizing effects.
  • Seeds such as sunflower and sesame with high biotin and vitamin A content.
  • Vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin.
  • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach.
  • Fish like salmon.
  • avocado.
  • Oils such as rosemary oil, coconut oil.
  • Cocoa.

Repair split ends with eva+avo

At eva + avo we have worked on special formulas for hair care. All our products adapt to all hair types, in addition to being healthy and natural as they are free of sulfates and parabens.

We recommend some of the essential products for the care of your hair and that are necessary in the treatment to repair split ends .

cleansing shampoo

cleansing shampoo is The first step to ensure deep cleansing of your hair and begin to repair split ends.

Always choose shampoos with natural ingredients, and free of sulfates and parabens to guarantee more natural and safe protection.

moisturizing conditioner

Repairing split ends requires paying greater attention to hydration. Always include in your hair care routine a moisturizing conditioner with natural ingredients that hydrates your hair so that it grows healthier and stronger, avoiding breakage and hair loss.

Nourishing hair mask

At least once a week include a nourishing hair mask as part of the treatment to repair split ends.

The masks offer extra hydration and nourish the hair so that it looks increasingly shiny and silky, eliminating frizz.

Leave-in moisturizing cream

A moisturizing leave-in conditioner , also known as styling cream, offers a moisturizing effect for a longer period of time.

Not needing to rinse means that the active ingredients act on your hair for longer, achieving a moisturizing and repairing effect that will help improve the appearance of damaged and broken hair, as well as split ends.

Natural hair oils

Say goodbye to split ends with natural hair oils. The natural hair oil From ingredients such as avocado, in addition to offering shine and softness, helps eliminate frizz and hydrate the hair so that it grows stronger and more hydrated.

Visit our eva+avo store and learn about all our hair care products, ideal for repairing split ends and making your hair look incredible with every wash.