Body lotion: what you need for your personal care

Sometimes we want a massage to relax our body and we think we need time or money to make it happen. But for this there are body lotions, so that you yourself can give your skin a massage as it deserves. 

We tell you everything you need to make body lotion your best ally. Our eva+avo body lotion is a good example of everything you can do with your skin with a simple massage right after your daily bath. 

What is a body lotion?

The body lotion is a product with a more liquid and fluid consistency than a cream, for example. Its function is to moisturize the skin, but at the same time offer a refreshing and pleasant fragrance. 

Highly recommended for oily and dry skin that needs an extra touch of care. 

If aromatic candles set your spaces, a body lotion is the perfect complement to give your body a touch of relaxation, relief and always with incredible fragrances.

When to apply body lotion?

  • After the shower

  • It is the best time to apply your body lotion, because the skin is in the best state for the ingredients of the lotion to act on your body. 

    Also, after showering the water evaporates quickly, which for some people can cause dryness and even itchiness.

  • Before exercising

  • A good way to take care of your skin before being exposed to high temperatures or the effects of high-impact physical activity such as sweating. 

    In the winter and summer seasons, it is ideal to complement your skin care routine, along with your moisturizer.

  • After waxing

  • The best to relieve your skin after waxing, because after this process your skin is exposed to dryness and irritation. A recommended body lotion can ease any discomfort and leave your skin feeling soft.

    • Before bedtime

    If you work outside the home, a hot bath and a body lotion will be the best formula to remove impurities from the skin and have the best rest.

    Also, moisture is removed from the skin while we sleep, making the body lotion help keep skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

    How to apply body lotion?

    After your daily bath, dry your skin very well and apply your moisturizer. Then put some body lotion and massage for a few minutes. Make gentle movements and do not forget areas such as knees, shoulders, elbows and neck, which tend to be more prone to dryness.

    Differences between body lotion and cream 

    We start by telling you that the body lotion It is a product with a less thick consistency than what a body cream can be. It also usually has more concentrated fragrances and is recommended for normal and oily skin.

    It is ideal that you use the body lotion after having applied your moisturizing cream, especially if you do not want the skin to be sticky at times.

    La body lotion, on the other hand, is a cosmetic for the skin with greater consistency, which means that after applying it, your skin feels a little thick, greasy or sometimes with a sticky texture. Highly recommended if your skin is extremely dry or sensitive.


    How to choose body lotion

    Before choosing your body lotion, take into account aspects such as your skin type, if you have any allergic reaction or dermatological condition that you should prevent, and the type of fragrance that suits you best.

    At eva+avo we have thought of products that adapt to all types of people, with natural ingredients that guarantee a positive impact on your skin. However, this does not mean that you do not have to take these aspects into account. 

    The pH of your skin also influences when choosing any product with fragrance. Oily skin, for example, reacts more strongly to perfumed fragrances, while combination skin is the best recipient of perfumes.

    If you have doubts about the type of product you are using, always consult your dermatologist.

    Our eva+avo body lotion

    La eva+avo body lotion It is designed for all skin types and to be used every day, as a complement to your skin care routine. 

    To use it, you just have to massage the amount you want on your skin, ensuring its complete absorption. We recommend using it with our eva+avo body soap.

    The best thing is that we offer you these two products in a duo so that you can take them home together and you can carry out a complete skin care ritual. Do not miss the opportunity to have the body lotion and bath soap eva+avo with this super kit.

    Self Love Kit

    And to offer you a complete and very relaxing care for your whole body, we have created our self love kit, which includes our body lotion, Shower soap and of course our scented candle, with an exquisite aroma of wild cocoa plus mystical herbs, to accompany your daily bath and in general to set your spaces, giving them a calm atmosphere.