Moisturizing hair cream: the perfect solution

Let's talk about the importance of moisturizing creams for your hair. Whether you have exposed your hair in the summer, that you do a lot of exercise and excessive sweating has damaged it or you simply want to inject more shine, hair moisturizer is the best ally.

There are many creams on the market that act to moisturize the hair, but which one is the best will depend on many factors such as your hair type and product ingredients.

Remember that the care of your hair it is a daily task and you cannot trust any product without first being sure of its effectiveness.

Benefits of using moisturizer for hair

There are many benefits of using moisturizer in your hair care routine. We mention only some of them.

  • Your hair will look smoother

  • A whole cocktail of hydration for your hair, giving it more movement and controlling frizz so you can style it to your liking and maintain an incredible appearance all day. Our products at eva+avo contain two magical ingredients: avocado and rosemary oil, which will make your hair look not only soft, but also luminous!

  • Easier to comb, no tangles

  • Using moisturizing hair cream every day is guaranteed to say goodbye to annoying knots and make daily combing easier, brushing easier. Especially if you have long and wavy hair, a cream will be your best ally so that your hair looks incredible every day.

  • No need to rinse

  • Although you can find creams on the market that you can use in and out of the shower, we love creams that do not need rinsing, as they are usually more practical to make your daily routine faster.

    When do you need a moisturizer for your hair?

    You don't need to wait for your hair to look dry, lifeless or start to fall out, some of the signs that your hair needs special care.

    Start using a moisturizer when your hair:

    • Look dry and dull
    • It begins to fall without normal cause
    • It gets very tangled and it is difficult for you to comb it

    Our moisturizer Moisturizing Leave-In Cream no rinse

    Of course, we can't stop recommending our moisturizing cream 'Moisturizing Leave-In Cream', a natural product that doesn't need rinsing that will give your hair an injection of nutrients to make it look incredible. 

    We offer you an avocado cocktail full of nutrients so that your hair grows, looks healthy, shiny and you can style it to your liking. 

    Avocado and rosemary oils keep hair soft, silky and under control. Even better, this daily treatment heals dry, frizzy hair over time. 

    How to use our moisturizing hair cream

    Wash and towel dry your hair before applying a small amount to hair. This cream is perfect for prepping hair before styling or for those days when you're short on time and need something fast to look amazing.

    How to complement your hair care

    At eva+avo we have created a line of products to care for your hair, where avocado and rosemary are the main ingredients. 

    We believe in the power of nature and that is why we link these ingredients in our products, guaranteeing results in a safe and natural way, as if you were following Grandma's advice.

    Cleansing shampoo

    Product cleanses the hair and scalp with avocado, Vitamins y wild rosemary oil to keep it nourished and healthy it removes pollutants and chemicals. It smells sensual and spicy with hints of white cocoa. A purifying, vitamin-rich blend that detoxifies while nourishing hair.

    Get it in 8 oz presentation. o Sustainable pouch for 32 oz. refill. (equivalent to 4 pots of 8 oz.)

  • How to use it:
  • Apply a little to your hair and massage for 5 minutes. Rinse very well and dry with a towel.

    moisturizing conditioner

    With these moisturizing conditioner you enjoy a well-deserved vacation for your hair. Deep conditions with super-hydrating avocado and rosemary oils.

    Packed with vitamins and restorative oils, our moisturizing conditioner is formulated to minimize frizz, eliminate split ends and restore shine to hair. 

    Get it in 8 oz presentation. o Sustainable pouch for 32 oz. refill. (equivalent to 4 pots of 8 oz.).

  • How to use it:
  • Apply from the middle of the length to the ends and let it sit while you sing along to your shower playlist (just a few minutes or up to ten if you have very dry hair).

    Nourishing hair mask

    with this mask, nourishing oils and vitamin-rich ingredients repair damaged hair in just minutes, leaving you with silky smooth hair after just one treatment. 

  • How to use it:
  • Using your fingers, work the product through your hair evenly. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and you're done. You will have a more nutritious hair and ready for your day to day. We recommend using this product two to three times a week.

    Avo Collection

    This Kit brings the 5 steps so that your hair looks beautiful, silky and with a lot of shine. In addition, its ingredients promote growth and are designed to benefit any type of hair. 

    This kit includes our Cleansing shampoo in presentation of 8 ounces, the moisturizing conditioner, leave-in moisturizing hair cream, nourishing hair mask and bright avocado oil to give it a touch of brightness that will surprise everyone.

    Bright Avocado Oil

    This avocado oil penetrates deep to add shine and eliminate frizz. Soft and smooth hair through our number one obsession, the avocado oil. This blend restores hair from the inside out, while protecting it from external factors like pollutants.

  • How to use
  • Press once to dispense the perfect amount and distribute evenly through damp or dry hair from mid-lengths to ends. 

    Know in detail our line of hair care products And don't forget to visit our blog to learn more tips to make your care routine easier and with effective results.