7 Secrets To Healing Your Dyed Hair



Whether it is pink, brown, black, blonde or red, it does not matter what color it is if you love to change your tone frequently or you love to experiment with your hair or you only use dye to cover some gray hair, you should know that those colorants unfortunately do not favor your hair. It's hard to stop, right? That is why we bring you 7 secrets to regain vitality, that you look without so much dryness and continue to renew yourself without regrets, so follow the steps to the letter!

1.Cold water bath

The best alternative is to shower with cold water, it may sound a bit extreme, but this will help the color not wash off easily and last for a few more weeks. If you are not one of those who can do it, bathe in stages. Cover your hair with a shower cap first and wash it to the end. Also, remember not to wash it daily since you mistreat it and even more so if you do it with hot water.

2. Protect it from the sun

It is summer time and the sun is very bright, as you apply sunscreen every day on your face or even on your legs and arms, your hair also needs protection. There are special products for this you can find them under the name of solar hair treatments or sunscreen. Any one protects your hair from ultraviolet rays and at the same time nourishes it with the different vitamins that make it up. There are cream or spray presentations, you just have to apply it before styling and that's it.

3 consent to it once a week

Not just your face, feet and hands, but your hair too. At least once a week make a natural mask or use the Nourishing Mask  You only need to apply it to all your hair, massage for about 2 minutes and let it act for a period of 5 to 7 minutes, and then rinse. By doing this, you give your mane the extra care it needs as it restores damage from coloring, contamination, and use of blow dryers and other heat products.

4. No to the dryer

How difficult it sounds not to use this device, right? The problem is that when you dye your hair and use it very frequently, it dries it out right away, but that's why we have some alternatives for you. If after washing your hair you dry it with the dryer you choose to do it naturally, it will not damage it and it will save you a lot of time. Another is that you use a heat protector, it is a spray to put it on before you use this product or iron or curling iron. Use it when necessary if you are going to a party, dinner or some important event, your hair also needs a break.

5 apple cider vinegar

It is not only for kitchen use, but also for your hair. Apple cider vinegar is a natural exfoliator. Combine half the vinegar and the other half with water in a large glass. After washing your hair with your usual shampoo, rinse with this scrub, remember to do it little by little to cover all your hair. By doing this you will give it volume, it will prevent your dye from washing off, it will give it shine, it does a deep cleaning on the scalp removing dryness and some shampoo residue and it also serves as a conditioner. A natural and economical star product.

6. Walnuts

It is very normal for your hair to fall out after dyeing, but if every time you shower you see too many hairs in the shower or on your hand, this is a bad sign. It happens due to various factors, one of which may be the lack of vitamins. Eating nuts will benefit you too much since it has vitamin E and A, omega 3, biotin, amino acids that make your hair stronger, reduce dryness and return its natural shine. So don't forget to eat a few nuts every day.

7. Products Without Sulfates, Parabens and Protecting Color

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